Friday, June 15, 2012

The Two-Minute Bracelet

I had a few different inspirations for this bracelet recently. The first inspiration comes from a brand called Dogeared. They have a collection called "Karma Jewelry," which features very simple necklaces and bracelets with a circle charm on them. There was a cute quote with them that I liked:

what goes around, comes around... wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving...

I thought these were so cool, but for $56, I wasn't feelin' it. I also don't wear necklaces all that often, so I wondered if I could do something similar but in bracelet form. Then I saw Happy Hour Projects' tutorial for these adorable and incredibly easy bracelets on craftgawker. So I found a ring that I never wear, got some embroidery floss out of my stash, and whipped this up in less than 5 minutes! And I love it :)

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